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Fully Managed or Co-Managed IT Services: What’s Right for Your Business?

Achieving peak performance from your IT systems means more than just investing in the latest technology or services. Forward-thinking companies recognize the importance of having a future-proof IT strategy in place, and both co-managed and fully managed IT services can provide an effective solution for your business.

How is the Dark Web a Threat to Your Business?

Your business relies on digital technology, and as cyberthreats evolve and become more advanced, protecting your data with proactive, robust security measures has never been more important. A data breach can have a catastrophic effect on your company’s finances, productivity, and reputation, and may involve legal repercussions if industry regulations have been violated. Many of the threats businesses need to guard against originate in the internet realm known as the “Dark Web,” a breeding ground for criminal activity and a marketplace for stolen data. 

Benefits of Managed IT for Architecture Firms 

Architectural firms have unique IT needs, and rely on specialized software and applications, large data storage, and seamless connectivity. Employees working in-office and remotely need to be able to access, share, and collaborate on files, blueprints, schematics, and 3D models. Managing your network infrastructure can be a time-consuming and complex task, and unforeseen IT issues can have serious consequences in terms of diminished productivity, disrupted deadlines, data loss, and compromised security.

Elevating Your Business with Managed IT Services: Why It’s The Best Option

In this technology-driven landscape, businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to function efficiently and effectively. Organizations large and small face the same complex challenge: how best to maintain IT infrastructure, ensure security, and stay on top of technology trends. The decision comes down to two options: in-house IT teams or managed IT services.

How Your Business Can Be Prepared For Cybersecurity Attacks, Big and Small

As cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your digital front lines. Any business, no matter how small, is a potential target for hackers. In fact, smaller businesses are often less invested in security, and therefore more vulnerable.

How to Revive Your Neglected IT Strategy and Get Back On Track

A well thought out IT strategy can be a game-changer, propelling your business to new heights. Conversely, neglecting your IT systems for too long can be a costly mistake, leading to a host of problems, from security vulnerabilities to operational inefficiencies. The good news is that it’s never too late to turn things around.

Is My Company Remote Ready?

At Nessit, we take remote readiness extremely seriously. As the IT partner for each of our clients, we are only as successful as our least successful remote team.  Having successfully managed this transition to remote work for countless clients and for Nessit itself, we know a thing or two about remote readiness.

How To Budget For IT

For your business to stay competitive, establishing an effective and efficient IT budget is essential. Budgeting effectively will save time and money spent on unplanned IT needs that inevitably arise in the absence of a transparent and well-thought-out plan. So how do you go about creating an IT budget? 

IT for Engineering Firms: On the Horizon In 2024 

It’s essential that engineering firms stay on top of the latest advances in technology while addressing security concerns and other challenges unique to the industry. So, what IT issues and trends should engineering firms be thinking about in 2024? 

Business Continuity Plans for IT, and Why Your Business Needs One

When it comes to your IT systems and data, having a solid business continuity plan helps you deal with issues when they arise and keeps your business on track. We know most people don’t think about their IT systems on a daily basis (except us) until it breaks down. And when that happens, what do you do?  
Cyber Security  •   IT Automation  •   IT Consulting  •   IT Planning & Recovery  •   Managed IT