Customization For All

We know that there are plenty of web hosts that sell cheap hosting with fancy management interfaces to maintain your email accounts, website content, etc. Nessit is not a reseller of other’s pre-packaged hosting agreements. Nope, we do all of our hosting in house in our state-of-the-art facilities. This allows us to customize a package that is right for each individual client because we know that each client has different needs.

What Sets Us Ahead

Welcome to our “touch free” program. We know you are busy doing what you do best… your job! Why should you learn how to update a web site after its done? Our hosting packages are designed to maintain a lasting relationship with our clients after the web design aspect is done. Every time you need an update done to your website, simply email us with the text you want or the design change you have in mind and leave it at that. We will take it from there.

Let’s Go Green

As companies try to become “greener” we realize we need to do our part in that effort. At our Nessit headquarters, we have implemented virtualization for all of our servers in an effort to cut down electricity costs. One of our proudest claims is in the way we remove the heat generated from the many server racks and heat the rest of our building with it! It saves hundreds in heating costs and helps reduce the dependency on oil products. Interested in how we do it? Schedule a tour of our office!

Web & Email

Powered by Plesk Control Panel, we provide shared web and email hosting powered via our private cloud eliminating hardware failures and increasing uptime.

Encrypted Email

Don’t let private information get away from the people who are supposed to be viewing it.  In a world where cybersecurity is critical to keeping your business safe, we offer an all inclusive encrypted email option to keep you and your customers information safe.