From dentist offices to social services, we have your office covered.  We have a proven track record with our success in the healthcare technology field and work with some of the best technology providers in the business.  We offer a wide variety of solutions depending on if you are a single person operation or have many offices spread around the region.  Below is only a sample of what we can offer for your practice.  Contact us for more information.

Your IT Department

Staffing is expensive.  Above a salary, you need to add costs of benefits as well!  Allow us to be your IT department.  Based on your office needs, we are able to design a service plan to help you save money and get everything fixed. All of our plans come with both Level 1 and Level 2 support to make sure you are always prepared for those unexpected technology events.

Secure Communications

Email, phone, data storage and inter office communication is only a few services we have to offer to your practice. We specialized in having a secure data center with many options to fit your offices need. We offer encrypted email to keep your customers’ private information safe, and secure data storage options to keep their data safe. These levels of cybersecurity are critical to insuring the safety of your company.

Remote Backup

Disasters happen. Fire damage, water damage, a failed hard drive, and many other things can take your practice down in a moments notice. By having an offsite backup for your office, your office is still able to continue to operate. XRAYS, Databases, Financial Software, HR information should all be backed up in case of an emergency. If something does happen, know that we are able to give you access to your data either remotely, or even send a copy of the data directly to your door! Contact us to get more information on our remote backup products!