Nessit is an “End to End” IT solutions provider.  That means that our services can range from Hosting, Technical Support, and Website Design and Development,  all the way to IT management and budgeting.  We truly enjoy working with school systems, because it also allows us to “teach the teacher” on new ways to incorporate technology in the classroom.  We focus on creating the technology focused classrooms that students want, while making sure that the teacher feels comfortable with the new technology.  …also, inquire about our education discounts that are available to ALL schools!

Education Technology

We offer solutions for all school levels.  From Kindergarten through High School and even into Higher Education, there are many different technology types that we can implement to meet the needs of your school.  We offer laptop and tablet programs as well as testing technology kits to make sure you can always be online during testing season!

School Budgets

We get it!  Budgets are sometimes hard to come by these days!  Allow us to work with your current budget and try to save you money in certain areas to be able to meet the needs of your students, teachers and staff!  We will craft a plan to help reach your needs in an ever-changing and innovative industry of education technology.

Your IT Department

Staffing is expensive.  Above a salary, you need to add costs of benefits as well!  Allow us to be your IT department.  Based on your schools needs, we are able to design a service plan to help you save money and get everything fixed.  All of our plans come with both Level 1 and Level 2 support to make sure you are always prepared for those unexpected technology events.